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McDuffie Cemetery Public View
(Platte Twp, Union County)
1327 242nd Street
Kent, Iowa 50851 USA
Located in the NW 1/4 of Section 15. The first death in the township was that of Elijah Pinkley who was buried in the field in Section 15, near the present site of the cemetery. Later, after the cemetery was established, Pinkley was moved into the cemetery. A pioneer preacher was the Rev. James Wishard, a Methodist, who held the first services in 1855 at the home of Henry Clem in Section 22. He owned the land where the cemetery was located. He ministered to the faithful for 44 years. He deeded the ground for the cemetery where his wife was the first one to be buried. The cemetery was named for Greenberry McDuffie who bought the farm where the cemetery was located from Rev. Wishard.