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Norris Plot Cemetery Members View
(Union Twp, Union County)
2067 High School Road
Afton, Iowa 50830 USA
Norris Plot Cemetery is located in the SW 1/4 of Section 26 in Union Township of Union County. Address is 2067 Highschool Drive. The grave stones were removed from the actual site by a farmer and stored in the yard of the farmstead immediately to the east (2071 Highschoo Dr.) until 2021 when the Union County supervisors picked them up and started the process of restoring  them to the original location. The original locaion is indicated by a street sign along the road, however the actual burial location is in the field approximately 45 paces SSW. Approximate coordinates are 41° 0'16" N 94° 9'28" W.  In November 2022 the State Archeaologist was consulted regarding finding the true location and the information, now lost, is unable to be found and the historical value is considered more important. Therefore the stones will be relocated to a site accessable to the public from the road right of way by the Union County Supervisors.