Union County Genealogical Society

Custom Research

The Union County Genealogical Society offers many great resources for the family history researcher in our collections housed at the Matilda Gibson Memorial Library in Creston, Iowa.  Researchers are invited to visit the library during open hours which can be verified by visiting their  website: www.creston.lib.ia.us
For those who cannot visit the library, many of our society members are happy to do custom research for you for a small fee payable to UCGS.   
We charge $10.00 per hour plus any costs for parking, photocopies or certificates.  There is a minimum of $10.00 per request, and we require a $10.00 deposit to begin the research.  If travel is involved, we may charge for mileage for our volunteers.  If the research is expected to go beyond the first hour, our researcher will contact you with an estimate of the additional time it will take before proceeding.  
Please include the following information in your request.:
  1. A specific request or question you want answered.​ (i.e. Record lookup: obituary, death record, marriage record; city directory, county history, or surname vertical file lookup; cemetery records lookup, etc.).
  2. Names of all persons involved, first, middle and last if possible.
  3. Dates and places of birth, marriage and death if known.
  4. Place they may have lived that you want us to research and years they lived there.
  5. Any other details you may know about the persons of interest.
  6. YOUR name, address, phone number, and email address so we may contact you.
Submit your request for research by email to ucgsia.research@gmail.com or mail your request with a self-addressed stamped envelope along with the appropriate fees to UCGS Research Committee, 200 W. Howard St., Creston, Iowa 50801. Please make checks payable to the Union County Genealogical Society.